Our Work: SoccerKidzLogo & Corporate Literature


The founders of SoccerKidz came to Rubious in 2009 and asked us to help create a new brand identity that was visually appealing across different sectors; appealing to young children but also their parents as Soccerkidz wanted to offer booking of courses online via their website (also designed and built by Rubious!) – which the parents would naturally be responsible for. With a balance of fun, funky and “trusted” the SoccerKidz logo was born. Comprising of sporty striped typography, with instantly recognisable elements such as the football and quirky embellishment of the boot on the letter Z to help increase appeal to the younger audience, the SoccerKidz logo was an instant hit with both young and old.

Branding didn’t just stop with logo and corporate stationery design, Rubious were also instructed to help create editable promotional flyers which SoccerKidz staff could update themselves with minimal fuss yet still be of high enough quality for professional printing. These editable leaflets have been hugely affective at increasing interest and awareness.


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