Managing Subscribers

Create, edit and manage multiple subscriber lists. With automatic de-duping, and unsubscribe functions it’s hassle free! 

Subscriber Lists

Create an unlimited number of subscriber lists.

Add subscribers by importing an excel file or manually type thier details in. Store as much detail as you see fit about your subscribers by using our custom fields function – ask for more details. 

Automatic De-duping & Unsubscribing

Duplicated subscribers are automatically removed from your lists. If you choose to send to two lists at the same time and a subscriber appears on both lists they will still only receive one copy of your campaign.

If someone unsubscribes, the system will automatically remove them from the list. 

Free website sign-up forms

Add to your subscriber lists by allowing users of your website to sign-up using an online form. Using our online tool you can generate the code to add a sign-up form to your site.

Copy and paste this code into your website or if you are not technically minded we are happy to lend a hand and implement them for you.

  • Multiple Subscriber Lists
  • Cross list de-duping
  • Automatic de-duping management
  • Automatic unsubscribe management
  • Email validator
  • Import and export lists
  • Custom fields to store additional information
  • Free website sign-up forms
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