Rubious and the Environment

At Rubious, we are aware that everyone has an impact on our delicately balanced world.

Our Commitment

Rubious are specialists in their field, and have recognised their responsibility for environmental matters. This is reflected in the operation of our business, and inherently in the types of products and services we offer.

The company operates a policy of effecting continuous improvement in accordance with changing legislation and increased knowledge.

Whilst it is not possible to detail all areas where environmental concerns are being addressed, we outline below some key points:

  • Using low energy computer hardware – our fleet of state of the art Apple computers are amongst the most energy efficient available.
  • Operating a paperless office – electronic communication of all correspondence including quotations and invoices is our preferred and default method.
  • Using environmentally friendly inks and recycled paper where printing is unavoidable, and recycling all waste paper.
  • Ensuring effective use of power-saving measures, including office heat and light.

Each year, Rubious takes part in initiatives to ensure we remain CARBON NEUTRAL.

“We remain fully committed to encouraging environmental awareness and to minimising our own impact on our delicate world”

Andrew Dewhurst
Managing Director


We support the Woodland Trust

We are compensating for some of our greenhouse gas emissions by helping the Woodland Trust through its Woodland Carbon Scheme to create 25m² of new native woodland in the UK – enough to store at least 1 tonne of CO2. This is part of a strategic programme to reduce emissions where possible.

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