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At Rubious we believe email marketing should be easy for everyone, not just coders. In fact we believe you should be able to create a new email marketing campaign and deliver to your subscriber database in under 4 minutes. Sound too good to be true? Why not take a look at our video guide to creating an email campaign and see for yourself.

[Update: Our email marketing system is now FREE to sign up, so you can try out the easiest email marketing system for yourself. Sign up now.]

Email marketing is a great way to drive sales and develop personal relationships with your customers for little outlay. Many businesses though are put off by taking the plunge as they think that email marketing systems are difficult to use and that you need to be a professional graphic designer to produce great looking newsletters. The reality is that some systems out there are complex, requiring knowledge of HTML and lots of patience to use.

Our competitors' email systems can be difficult to use...

Luckily for you not all systems are like that – the Rubious Email Marketing System is so easy and simple to use. Once your account is setup and your template built you can be creating and sending eye catching email campaigns in under 4 minutes!

We at Rubious will design and set up your email template on your behalf, and add content areas you can type in, add pictures to, and rearrange. If you have a bespoke template designed by Rubious you will be able to select from a range of layout options giving your campaigns variety and a fresh appeal.

When creating your campaign all your changes are shown in real time, meaning you don’t have to keep sending yourself a preview as you build. Once you have finished adding the content to your campaign you can send yourself a test email straight to your own inbox to check the end result before sending out to your recipients.

Our scheduling options means you can spend a few minutes making several campaigns and then spread their delivery throughout the week. Once they’re delivered you’ll start seeing results and statistics immediately, and in real-time.


Take a look at one of recent case studies exploring how they use their email marketing system to great effect:


Crafty Crocodiles

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